Our facility makes a significant difference on a sector basis with its 1000 bovine and 2000 ovine livestock slaughtering/shredding/processing capacity per day, developed equipment pool and cooling systems within its 45.000 m² area.

  • Ovine Livestock slaughtering line
  • Bovine Livestock slaughtering line
  • Condemned cell
  • Cold storage resting place line
  • Offal processing line
  • Shredding line (Fragmentation)
  • Laboratory rooms
  • Leather, offal, tripe chambers
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Blood / animal waste tanks
  • Map production line
  • Map mince line
  • Map mince line and process check
  • Map meatball line
  • Delicatessen line
  • Climating Rooms
  • Delicatessen Bakeries
  • Meat cubes line
  • Skinpack and thermoform packing line
  • Skinpack packing
  • Multipower thermoform packing
  • Vacuum line


Within the scope of the modernization project, with new buildings added to the facility such as cafeteria, resting areas, physician and veterinarian rooms a more peaceful and efficient working environment is aimed by considering social comfort.

  • Resting Areas
  • Physician Rooms
  • Veterinary Rooms
  • Cafeteria