KONET ET ENTEGRE A.Ş. was established in 1990 in Konya.

+90 (332) 355 2782

KONET was established in 1990 in Konya. As of 2019 Thanks to Atlas Yatırım Planlama ve Barer Corporation A.Ş.’s strong partnership structure, the brand operates within the framework of a technology-based and visionary modernization. KONET has achieved a significant capacity increase with its state-of-the-art machinery equipment, reinforcement and quality-oriented perspective. Additionally, it has brought an innovative approach to the sector by including production areas which are not included in the sector to its service portfolio. KONET has a global competency for both domestic and international markets and continues its changes and development movements.

KONET, which is established on an area of 43.500 m2 and located in a very important and strong location in terms of its position, is within walking distance of the city center and next to the biggest animal market in the region.

KONET, which has the highest slaughtering and shredding capacity of the region, can meet the meat needs of 100% of the region and 10-15% of our country. KONET is the global representative of quality and trust with its facility area of 43.500m2, trust-based working approach and innovative perspective.

Through its attention and realized trust within all stages of production; KONET provides service to Meat-Milk Institutions, national chain markets, local market chains, universities, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Sales Offices and Governmental institutions.

Within the scope of the capacity of responding to all services and demands and capability of providing standard products (classified), KONET is Turkey's largest business.

Our Food Safety And Quality Policy

Konet Et ve Et Ürünleri Petrol ve Bilişim Hizmetleri San. Tic. AŞ. , which operates in the meat sector, aimed to establish a safe food chain from farm to table. Our main goal is to comply with legal regulations and universal values, to be sensitive to the environment and nature, to produce safe, quality and delicious halal production in accordance with our beliefs in terms of technology and human origin, and to comply with all management system requirements.

Our aim; To be a respected company in the sector, which sets goals and monitors targets without compromising product quality, supports the development of the production process, provides customer satisfaction by making continuous improvements in the field, keeps staff training in the forefront and provides the necessary resources for improvements, and is in constant contact with its employees and customers.